There's a new restaurant that specializes in potato-chip sandwiches

How to Make Easy Homemade Potato Chips

The Brits must be thrilled: Mr. Crisp, England's first shop dedicated to the crispwich, opened today. For an impossibly cheap £1, customers get their choice of more than 50 types of chips on white or brown bread, teacakes, or baguettes, and then for an extra 50 cents, can add a topping like honey. Owner Mark Pearson apparently felt the satisfyingly mushy-yet-crunchy work of sandwich genius was under-appreciated by other U.K. sandwich shops. He tells the Mirror that he "sat on the idea for six months" before finally moving on it, but he's glad he did, because the response has already been overwhelmingly positive.

Pearson says customer like the option of something "different" — like the plain(-ish) ketchup sandwich at top right, a Monster Munch–salad cream option at top left, and a Galaxy chocolate spread–Hula Hoops creation at bottom:

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