15 times lifestyle queen Martha Stewart totally owned the internet

Martha Stewart - Who Inspires Martha Stewart?

Happy birthday Martha! From being the queen of all things lifestyle to being an icon in the rap community, everything you do has a finesse we will all forever sought after. In celebration of the 74th year you've graced us with your presence, we've rounded up some of your best moments:

The time she ~baked~ with Snoop Dog:

The time she casually admitted to a threesome:

Photo Credit: Bravo via Giphy

The time she simultaneously pwned Ludacris and pushed her lifestyle collection:

The time she tbt'd this iconic picture. No one Instagram post should have all that power:

The time she took the subway with the rest of us commonfolk:

The time she had late-night margs with Seth Myers:

That same night she met Pitch Perfect gal, Anna Kendrick:

The time she caught Kanye West in very rare form:

The time things got NSFW with Conan O'Brien:

AND drank a 40 oz. with him on live television:

Photo Credit: TBS via Giphy

The time she coyly posed for a selfie with model, Karlie Kloss. #MoveOverTaylor:

The time her pets broke Tumblr:

The time she shut Twitter down with one tweet:

We love you Martha, never change!

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