Grandmother scares off intruder she finds in her bed

Grandmother Scares Off Intruder She Finds in Her Bed

When 82-year-old Reba Shook realized an intruder was in the bed with her, she was forced to think quick.

"I said, 'Well, I don't know what you're after, but you aren't gonna get nothing here,'" Shook told WTVR.

At first, Shook said she thought her dog Cooper had climbed into bed with her. Then, she realized when she put her hand out, what was next to her was of the human variety. She thinks the intruder got in through an open window.

As WTVR reports, "Shook said she then jumped up and fought for her life, clawing and cursing at the intruder."

After the scuffle, the intruder left through the back door.

The story also caught the attention of Fox News, who called the unwanted visitor a "creep."

While Shook has no plans to move from her long-time home, she says, "I'm going shopping for a gun."

According to WTVR, police are investigating the Sunday morning incident -- which was the second of its kind in the Crestview neighborhood within the last two weeks.
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