Customizable style: Finding your new favorite accessories

Telling a story with accessories
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Customizable style: Finding your new favorite accessories
"One classic style that I gravitate towards this time of year is the wrap bracelet. They are light, super easy to style, and compatible with many outfit choices. My light blue leather wrap bracelet from Trollbeads has become a staple in my wardrobe." -- Jess of Dressed by Jess
"Summer outfits require versatile accessories that add flair to even the simplest of looks." -- Jess of Dressed by Jess
"[Trollbeads] specialize in making unique and eclectic pieces that are customizable. I love that no two beads are exactly the same and it's super easy to create your own piece of jewelry." -- Becky of The Pumpkin Spot
"I layered my light/dark brown leather bracelets with the seabed, spring wave, and oasis beads for an easy and laid back look." -- Becky of The Pumpkin Spot
"I have always been one to have an affinity for special pieces of jewelry.  I tend to collect pieces that tell a story, or evoke a memory within me when I wear it." -- Shannon of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

"This summer, I found the perfect piece to embody my sentiments about the summer season with this Trollbeads bracelet." -- Shannon of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

"Don’t you just love pieces that are stylish, meaningful, and tell a story?  I personally am a big fan of jewelry that reminds me of things that I love or moments in my life." -- Tara of Mix & Match Fashion
"Trollbeads makes a perfect thoughtful gift for someone special or yourself.  The best part is you can keep adding beads to your necklace and bracelet over time as you collect new memories." -- Tara of Mix & Match Fashion
"The bangles are perfect for summer because not only are they versatile in design, you can customize them however you wish! I love how these bangles look alone, and in a stack." -- Katherine of Style Tab
"The sleek metallic design works with just about every outfit I’ll put on this summer. Rather than sticking with three plain bangles, I added a green statement bead to my stack because I loved how the colors paired together." -- Katherine of Style Tab
"Trollbeads is the latest way to customize jewelry, and they have some pretty amazing products!" -- Lauren of Dressing Dallas
"Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved customizable jewelry. It’s always been one of my favorite ways to express myself and show off my interests at the same time. " -- Lauren of Dressing Dallas
"Trollbeads is an amazing brand that allows you to design your own bracelets. It’s personal style at a new level!" -- Haley of The Chic Burrow
"I picked the bronze bracelets because I loved the idea of stacking my beads." -- Haley of The Chic Burrow

When it comes to summer fashion, it's all about strategic styling. From your breezy dress to a stunning accessory, the key is finding the perfect balance that will also allow you to stay cool. So while you're may not be layering sweaters, we think you should layer jewelry.

The perfect necklace or bracelet can be truly hard to find ... so why not make it your own? Trollbeads offers the ability to completely customize their bracelets and necklaces -- so there's no doubt that you will wind up finding your new favorite piece.

We looked to our contributors to see how they would customize and style these gorgeous accessories. Click through above for all the jewelry inspiration you could possibly need.

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Photo: Dressed by Jess
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