You can get your own virtual reality headset for under $5

Upgraded Google Cardboard Brings VR to More Phones

Have you been drooling over the Oculus Rift but you don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars on it?

Google, again, has a solution.

The digital giant is known for coming up with ways to bring technology into the hands of everyone and they managed to do so with virtual reality too.

All you need is Google Cardboard and your smartphone and you will be immersed in the full interactive experience that any other headset can give you.

The headset is made, of course, of cardboard and it allows you to mount your phone on it which becomes the video and audio signal. A couple of basic lenses adjust your view and the dedicated apps split the image in two to provide the 3D experience. The motion sensors in your phone will make the vide and audio feed react to your movement and you can interact with the virtual space around you.

The simplicity of the design allowed manufacturers to recreate the product and bring the price below $5. A quick search on any e-commerce site like Amazon, e-Bay or Google Shopping will reveal many versions that you can pick from.

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