This gadget lets you turn any food into fancy caviar-like pearls

Are you a fan of food design and high cuisine? This kitchen gadget allows you to increase the production value of your own dishes exponentially with little effort.

Meet the Spherificator:

A Canadian company that manufactures seaweed based caviar is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the product that will turn your food into eatable pearls that look just like the expensive delicacy.

The device outputs the liquid mixture you prepare into tiny drops, which after a chemical reaction solidify into small beads that you can use for decorating your dishes and experimenting with your culinary imagination.

The process of spherification is not new to high end cuisine, but this is the first time that it is turning into a consumer device dedicated not only to chefs. A similar concept was also used to 3D print food as you can see in this video:

Company Invents 3D Edible Fruit

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