Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: Their Instagram love story

Colin Stutz
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Top List of Highest Paid Celebrity Couples
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Top List of Highest Paid Celebrity Couples

Considering Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are about the biggest celebrity couple in the world (the highest-paid, at least), the two have done a pretty good job keeping their romance out of the public eye.

Taylor Swift Credits Lady Gaga For Calvin Harris Romance on Twitter

And though they were outed early on with some public dates, the two have very much controlled the narrative of their relationship through Instagram. Shortly after romantic rumors started this spring, Harris started following Swift on Instagram and then upped that big move with a photo of her cats. From there, there were Billboard Music Awards celebration pictures, tours or London, Fourth of July parties and more.

Today, we celebrate Swift and Harris' romance by way of Instagram, chronicling their love in the most 21st-century way.

Here's the photo that started it all, Harris posting a picture of Swift's cats that had the entire world going, "What's he doing at her house?!" But we already knew the answer. The rest is history.

Flash-forward several weeks and as their relationship became more official, they became more comfortable publicly advertising their love on Instagram. It's summertime in Los Angeles, and can you say "Swan goals"?

And then you have romantic celebrity double-dating with Swift's ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and pal Gigi Hadid, taking a tour of London by boat courtesy of Karlie Kloss. This is what being famous and in love is all about.

By the Fourth of July, Swift and Harris' relationship was already in full swing, as the DJ/producer posted a low-lit photo of his pop-star lady working the grill like a champ and getting cute with his caption.

And then, to wrap it up, there's this photo -- the most affectionate one of the bunch. It really is cute. Look how she's kind of whispering in his ear. You don't do this sort of thing with someone you just kind of like.