Singer calls out music industry's sexism

Met Gala - Grimes Gets Ready For The Met Gala
Claire Boucher (better known by her stage name, Grimes) is the musician and producer behind hits like Genesis and Oblivion.

Grimes's music is not easily defined, and neither is she, as is clearly exemplified in her latest interview with The Fader.

This in-depth article has sneak peaks into her new music, a look back at her old stuff, a feature on her eclectic style, and most importantly: Grimes's stance on the music industry and its innate sexism.

Grimes describes a time when she was recording vocals for another artist's track and asked to edit her own vocals...the male engineers said no, but then proceeded to let another male artist edit his own.

And if that wasn't troubling enough, Grimes reveals all of the threats she gets from "fans" — saying how "people want to, like, rape and kill you. It's, like, part of the job."

Grimes calls attention to these disturbingly real issues of sexism that still live within our society; as well as the objectification of women, especially in the public eye.

Want more Grimes? Her Twitter game is on-point:

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