Hair-tastic! One editor's journey from brown to purple hair

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I can think of very few things (when it comes to beauty) that excites me more than getting my hair dyed. A fresh color means a fresh start, a new attitude and a brand new "life." Basically, when you completely transform your hair into something different, not only do you get a little pep in your step, but the reactions you garner from people are also mildly entertaining.

Last weekend, I decided to do something I've always wanted do -- dye my raven-hued brown mane purple. I've never really had the guts to commit to such extreme measures, but I decided it was now or never.

I was super excited (and a little nervous) to undergo this 6-hour transformation. My incredible and talented stylist Lisa at Platform Color Salon in San Dimas, Calif., was going to do a balayage/ombre technique on my tresses.

When I got there I was having the most surreal moment of my life. I didn't think I was actually going through with it -- but I was -- and I finally started to get those incredible butterflies when you KNOW it's going look good. My stylist ended up using a technique called "smudging" and in the light, it looked like my hair went from a dark to light purple. She explained it would be easier for me to maintain given my thick hair.

Six hours later ... I felt like a brand new person!

I loved the way it went from dark to light, and how indoors you really couldn't tell it was purple. Only when it hit the light did it reveal itself. It was sophisticated and bold at the same time -- and I was obsessed.

I soon found out other people were obsessed with my new 'do too -- and sometimes not in the best way. Here are a smattering of discoveries I made post-hair transformation:
  1. People are going to want to touch your hair A LOT -- and I mean a lot. They want to feel the magical power of having crazy-colored hair.
  2. Older family members who don't really understand or know the latest trends will most likely disapprove of your new look.
  3. You know how everyone people watches at the gym? It amplifies! I caught at least five people staring at me -- and I know it wasn't because of how alarmingly-fast I was running on the treadmill. At least two girls asked me where I got my hair done.
  4. When you wash your hair for the first time, your shower will look like a purple dye pack exploded.
  5. Do not sleep on white sheets -- unless you want a new purple tie-dye set.
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Hair-tastic! One editor's journey from brown to purple hair
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