99-year-old great grandma received a note that she is pregnant

Doris Ayling, a nearly 100-year-old great grandmother, received a baffling hospital letter informing her that she is pregnant.

The letter detailed Ayling's upcoming antenatal appointment and told her to provide a urine sample. While one might think that the letter was meant for someone else, the mother of three said that her correct birthdate was written on the Farnham Community Hospital letter. She was quite surprised to receive the news. She said:

​"I'm almost 100 so how can I be expecting? I have three children and 20 grandchildren — but I haven't been pregnant for 70 years."

When the hospital staff realized their mistake, they apologized to the woman's 76-year-old son, Brian. A Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust spokesperson said:

"It was a rare administrative error and we have apologised for any unnecessary anxiety this may have caused."

Brian claimed that the letter was completely harmless and provided the family with a good laugh. He said:

"It's very amusing. She's got enjoyment out of it and everyone had a good laugh. It's just one of those things."

This video proves that it's never too late for 99-year-old people to live out their dreams:

99-Year-Old Woman Graduates From College

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