5 unexpected ways to use baking soda in your beauty routine

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Baking Soda in Your Beauty Routine

You may keep baking soda in your home for cleaning or cooking, but the household staple product has several beauty uses!

Since baking soda neutralizes acids and bases, it can remove odors. Some use it as a deodorant. So if you're in a jam with no D.O. for your B.O. but you do have baking soda---you're in luck.

You can also buff your nails and cuticles with it. The substance helps exfoliate, acting like a polish. Here's a great one.

If you had a really bad self tanning mis-hap and end up with orange or streaks, use baking soda and water as an exfoliator to scrub the tanning residue away.

Sometimes we use too many hair products on our mane. Baking soda can help break down product buildup. Just add a a small amount to shampoo and wash as usual for a little extra clarifying.

It can also be used as an alternative to dry shampoo if you're really in a bind and need to refresh the look of dirty hair. With so many beauty boosting benefits, shouldn't we just call it 'beauty' soda?
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