Women make up more than half of the parliament in Rwanda

Rwanda has been taking strides for women's rights for quite some time now: The country's recently highlighted relationship with HeForShe shows just how hard the country is fighting for women's rights and gender equality.

In 2008, Rwanda became the first and only country in the world with females as the majority in its parliament at 56 percent. Additionally, since 2013, women have occupied an average of 64 percent of parliamentary seats.

Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda told HeForShe:

In an effort to follow up with this success and continue to stand up for women, Kagame has agreed to focus on three women's rights and gender equality-based commitments. The first commitment is to "bridge the gender digital divide." The second commitment is to "triple girls' enrollment in technical and vocational training" and the third commitment is to "eradicate gender-based violence in all its forms."

For more information about Rwanda's commitment, visit HeForShe.org.

See the video below for an inspiring speech about HeForShe:

Emma Watson Delivers Another  Powerful HeForShe Campaign Speech

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