Trolling Jets fans fly 'Cheaters' banner over Patriots practice

'Deflategate' Continues: NFL Upholds Tom Brady's Suspension

Hard not to love the moxie of the Jets fans trolling their rival Patriots on the opening day of preseason camp. One day after Tom Brady denounced the NFL's Deflategate ruling on Facebook, Robert Kraft issued, more or less, a call to arms against the league, and Bill Belichick grunted through an uneventful controversy-fueled press conference, fans from the J-E-T-S decided to fly a banner above Pats camp that read "Cheaters Look Up! Jets Fan Media."

Just an absolutely savage move right there. Not sure how Belichick is even going to sleep tonight. Kraft is probably dialing up the anti-aircraft cannons as we speak. Though there's something ironic about fans of the Jets hiring, what I'd imagine, is a biplane to fly a banner, no?

And to think, all these beautiful people, so obviously affected by the proceedings, faced a vicious reminder of their team's nefariousness every time they gazed upward towards the heavens.

Looks like a sad crop, right there.

Here's hoping this is just the beginning of the troll season. Maybe tomorrow we get some skywriting. One day perhaps a bunch of deflated footballs rain down from the sky. Or during the December 27 game maybe they fire up a "P-A-T-S cheatcheatcheat!" chant. Get creative with it. You know, more so than the inevitable viral video fan fights we're likely to see following Weeks 7 and 17.

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