This baby badger gets a brutal hangover after underage drinking

This baby badger just learned the harsh reality of underage drinking. After downing a few too many (seven!) beers that she swiped from a group of beach-goers, the female animal was found passed out on a beach in Poland.

Luckily, this baby badger has a great support system by her side. A local animal shelter, Dzika Ostoja, has allowed the badger to crash at their place to sleep off her hangover. The shelter is keeping the badger's concerned followers in the know by updating pictures and videos to Facebook. The badger probably won't be too happy with them when she finds all of the embarrassing pics littering her Facebook newsfeed.

It seems today's youngsters consider themselves invincible. The badger, named Wandzia by the shelter, went to town on these beers without even considering the consequences. All she wanted was a bit of summer fun and to let loose for once. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware of her limit. Seven Desperados sent her over the edge and now she has to pay for it.

If anything, this baby badger has taught us the importance of responsible drinking. If you're going to start young, be sure to pace yourself, drink lots of water and eat food, and know when enough is enough. You don't want to end up like this furry new social media star.

However, it seems this may not have been Wandzia's first encounter with alcohol. The badger knew exactly how to remove the bottle caps with her teeth. Talk about a cool party trick. Before the badger was able to drink the remaining two bottles that she hid away in the woods, the police found her stash and dumped it out right in front of her. How cruel!

Wandzia was still slightly under the influence on Wednesday. Her hangover seems to have gotten the best of her as she is struggling to eat and stand up. However, she is reportedly showing signs of sobering up. We feel you, Wandzia.

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