July 30 marks International Friendship Day: spread the love with your besties by your side

Is Your BFF Your Superhero?

July 30 marks International Friendship Day, aka one of the 365 days a year that we should celebrate our amazing friends, allies, and inspirational peers. While most of us try to spread the love for our besties on the daily, International Friendship Day reminds us to reach out to everyone who has made a difference in our lives and to truly appreciate how much our friendships have shaped us.

International Friendship Day was coined by the UN General Assembly in 2011. The occasion was proclaimed in an effort to celebrate the idea that friendships enable us to build bridges between communities. These communities may be other countries, cultures, neighbors, or individuals. It's an important day to remember that our friendships are not limited to those we surround ourselves with in our particular cultural niches.

By proclaiming the special day, the Assembly also placed an emphasis on youngsters, as our future leaders, to participate in various community activities that broaden their perspectives by exposing them to people with different backgrounds than their own. By getting to know people from different cultures and experiences, we can better understand ourselves and our places within this wonderful, diverse world.

As this is a day to promote peace, loyalty, and friendship all across the globe, one of the best ways to reach others is through social media. By turning Instagram or Facebook into fosterers of peace and friendship, complete with millions of BFF selfies, we can spread the love all over the world with our best friends by our sides.

As you flock to the beach with your besties for some fun in the sun, engage in community service projects with your bae by your side, or kick back with some wine and Chinese food for a relaxing girls night after a long day of work, be sure to snap some pictures with #InternationalFriendshipDay in the captions! The world needs to see how amazing your friends are and why friendship is more important than just about anything else. Our friends help shape us, and we can use the power of friendship to help shape the world.

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International Friendship Day
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July 30 marks International Friendship Day: spread the love with your besties by your side
Happy International Friendship Day! Remember to tell your friends how much your appreciate them. #internationalfriendshipday #appreciate
Thank god for HOWAN 💐 #internationalfriendshipday cr: @powerofthewil
#TopshopBFF 📷 @jessebrantman #summervibes #internationalfriendshipday #topshop
Morning! We have a very exciting competition happening later today in celebration of International Friendship Day tomorrow (30th July)...WATCH THIS SPACE!
. International friendship day:) Photo taken by @mr.junphotography #ifday#friendshipday#internationalfriendshipday#liveband#new#followme#group#f4f#followme#photography
Feliz 😄 día internacional del amigo 👩👲 #ereperezmx #ereperezmorelia #cosmeticanatural #DíaInternacionalDelAmigo #amistad #befos #feliz #bff #friends #Happy #friendship #internationalfriendshipday #michoacán #moreliamichoacán 👬👫👭
and its #internationalfriendshipday for me today because i have a chinese girl to my right and a filipino girl to my left(: coincidence has brought the three of us to the #SAM #Singapore and i see a nice international friendship brewing haha #asia #arts #tourism
#freedom #wind #sea #blacksea #rocks #friends #summer #girls #bestfriends #internationalfriendshipday #instadaily
Поздравляю!❤️ #9июня#международныйДеньДружбы#Казань#ДеньДрузей#моиДрузья#Поздравляю#Праздник#лучшие#любимые#самые#верные#internationalfriendshipday#best#friends#bestfriend#kazan#kzn#holiday#поздравляем#дети#детскаяДружба#деткиконфетки#друзьядетства
Пусть этот праздник не особо распространен и известен у нас! Но тем не менее он существует! Сегодня Международный день ДРУЗЕЙ! Не важно при каких обстоятельствах вы познакомились, как долго вы знаете друг друга. Главное, что вам хорошо с этим человеком, у вас есть много общего, вы его любите и всегда готовы поддержать и помочь в трудную минуту. И в то же время порадоваться, если в жизни вашего друга происходит радостное и важное событие! Отмечайте своих любимых друзей! Всем мира, добра, позитива и всего самого наилучшего!💛💚💙 #международныйденьдрузей #internationalfriendshipday
Утренний календарь сказал, что сегодня международный день друзей! 😇 Ну, что, колобочки мои, я нас всех поздравляю с тем, что мы есть друг у друга, а значит, будут лесенки, песенки и далее по списку! Всем любви 🐷 #morning #internationalfriendshipday #friends
International friendship day! Shopping with my girls! #internationalfriendshipday #friends #friendship #icecream #shopping #girls #happy #Shanghai
Sweetie with her bestie #mygirl #sweetiepie #happygirls #bestfriendsforever #internationalfriendshipday
"... 出外靠朋友" - #HypeItDownChallenge Today's Reading on ODB was about Friendship. I'd say, friendship plays a huge part of my life. Being the only child, I guess sometimes Friendship matters more than Kinship. You can look at it in a bad way or good, but I'm prolly grown up in a way that I used to count on friends more than family(sorry for being a bad family member; kinship is immeasurable to a certain extend.. lol, contradicting but true). But lately as I've grown slightly older, it got me thinking. Because certain points of time, I was pretty tired of catching up with the friendships that I got. When it all voice down to... How much we value that friendship? & Does the friendship edify your life? I don't really believe in those #bffshiz but I believe in genuine(sincere, honest, truthful, straightforward, direct) friends. & I hope I've been a genuine friend to whoever that I came across and would like to take this chance to once again thank my friends. Those who were truly there for me through my ups and downs, & for those whom I was there through your ups & downs. Apologies for those whom I've failed to be there for your ups and downs. So now it's time where I've gotta choose who to hold on & who to let go, invest time wisely for those whom we really treasure and matters. 1 Samuel 18:1 NIV, After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself. This is how amazing a friendship can be, totally demonstrated by Jonathan and David's. I love today's OBD sharing. Ps: I don't think I need #internationalfriendshipday to thank my fellow buds right?😂😂 #littlethrowbacktosomeitalypicture
True friendship isn't about being inseparable. It's about being separated & nothing changes #bestfriends #truefriends #internationalfriendshipday #alwaysthere
Happy International Friendship Day, Love Team Ela Rae! #internationalfriendshipday #teamelarae #elarae #threebestfriendsanybodycouldhave #bleeckermufson
thanks for being my brunette @morglife321 #happy #internationalfriendshipday
these are a few of my favorite things #internationalfriendshipday

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