3 women tricked ISIS recruiters into sending them $3,300 in travel expenses

Women Trick ISIS Supporters Into Sending Them Money
Women Trick ISIS Supporters Into Sending Them Money

Three young women from Chechnya reportedly posed as would-be brides in order to persuade ISIS recruiters to send them money for "travel expenses."

These women successfully "catfished" ISIS recruitment services into sending them $3,300 by claiming that they would spend the money to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State. This is reportedly the first time a group of women have tricked ISIS in this way.

The women were reportedly approached by Jihadists via social media earlier this spring. One woman, known as Maryam, told Life News:

"He began to lure me, saying 'do you want to come to Syria, here it is very good.' I told him that I had no money. He told me he would send me 10 thousand rubles."

After receiving the money, Maryam blocked the recruiter from contacting her again. After this successful deceit, the women went on to trick several other recruiters into sending them "travel expense" money.

However, the women have been detained in Russia after security services monitored their online activity and realized that they were in contact with ISIS recruiters. They are being investigated for fraud. Valery Zolotaryov from the Centre for Combating Extremism government agency told Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets:

"I do not advise anyone to enter into correspondence with dangerous criminals, especially with the aim of easy money."

It is unclear whether or not the women will be able to keep the money once the investigation ends.

Watch this video for a look at ISIS' recruitment tactics:

A Look at ISIS's Recruitment Tactics
A Look at ISIS's Recruitment Tactics

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