This $39 kit lets you turn yourself into a cyborg

Humans "Set to Become Cyborgs Within 200 Years"

Cyborgs are among us, and you can be one of them for just $39.

Online biohacking store Dangerous Things is selling a package that contains everything you need to implant technology into your body.

Amal Graafstra, the company's CEO, has been selling implantable devices that range from RFID chips, to biomagnets that let customers enhance their bodies and connect them with various devices.

These implants let you use your body as a key, an ID or a password to access things instead of having to carry external objects or remember a bunch of digits and letters.

According to Business Insider, Graafstra has an RFID chip implanted in each hand and has completely stopped using keys and passwords for anything from his computer to his motorcycle.

A basic implantable RFID tag sells for $39 and it goes up to $99 for the complete injection kit that allows you to become a cyborg in just a few minutes with a simple procedure.

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