These are the world's most dangerous destinations

These Are The Most Dangerous Destinations

Whether you're into sand, snow or sightseeing, there are a ton of amazing spots to satisfy every type of traveler -- but not all places are created equal.

The rankings of 141 nations were compiled by the World Economic Forum, and these are some dangerous destinations that you might want to leave off of your bucket list.

According to the list, Nigeria is the most dangerous place to visit. The country places last due to extreme violence and terrorism with groups like Boko Haram running rampant in major regions of the country.

Colombia makes the list due to high overall levels of terrorism, crime and violence. While the country ranked higher as a tourist destination due to a liberal visa policy and cultural vibrancy, the abysmal safety rankings are definitely something to keep in mind.

Yemen and Pakistan both made the list -- because of instability within their borders, and the presence of terrorist groups like Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

See photos of these dangerous destinations from the safety of your home:

World's most dangerous travel destinations
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These are the world's most dangerous destinations

An aerial view of Lagos, Nigeria.

(Photo via Getty)

Lagos, Nigeria

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Kajuru, a village close to Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

(Photo by Irene Becker via Getty)

Bogota, Colombia

(Photo via Getty)

View over the town of Popayan in Colombia.

(Photo via Getty)

View over the city in the evening, Bogota, Colombia, South America.

(Photo by Florian Kopp via Getty)

Sana'a, Yemen.

(Photo via Getty)

The old San'a view from a window, in Yemen.

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Views from the main cloth bazaar in the city center of Peshawar, Pakistan, July 2010. 

(Photo by Adnan R. Khan, AOL)

Women looking over Islamabad, Pakistan.

(Photo by Patrick Poendl via Getty)

Homes in Venezuela.

(Photo by Jose Tejo via Getty)

Caracas, Venezuela.

(Photo via Getty)

View of Sugarloaf mountain, Guanabara Bay and the downtown city area of Botafogo of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(Photo via Getty)

Neymar (r) and Brazilian players celebrate during the World Cup Group A opening game between Brazil and Croatia at Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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Murder rates in Venezuela are through the roof -- there were nearly 25-thousand in 2014 alone -- and foreigners are frequent targets for crime. Venezuela comes in as the country with the second highest murder rate in the world.

Even Brazil raised major red flags in the survey for safety and security -- which, ahead of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio is kind of a scary thing. Growth in major cities has left a lot of the population behind -- which means exploding crime rates in certain areas.

So if you're going to plan a trip, make sure you're armed with the right info. Read travel warnings and advisories -- the U.S. State Department has the most up-to-date info -- or read in on travel blogs for reports from people who have just visited.

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