People are literally freezing themselves to lose weight

Chase Eternal Youth in One of New York's Cryo-Saunas

Cryotherapy is the not-so-luxurious beauty trend taking over New York City. It's so hot right now. Actually, it's insanely cold. The treatment consists of multiple three-minute sessions in which clients are exposed to freezing temperatures of minus 292 degrees Fahrenheit.

People are flocking to the 6-foot-tall tubular machines in an effort to boost their metabolisms, loosen their muscles, flatten their stomachs, reduce cellulite, and even burn up to 800 calories.

People are going to great lengths to get in shape without moving a muscle. Granted, the treatment only lasts three minutes long. Does that really sound any worse than a 30-minute jog in the sweltering heat? Plus, users allegedly get that same natural endorphin-related high that runners get from a successful workout. One New York-based magazine editor who tried cryotherapy said:

"I left feeling like I drank four Red Bulls and was a Prozac-ed out Disney employee."

Salvatore Buscema, owner New Jersey-based of Elite Total Body Cryotherapy, explained why the beauty trend is reaping so much success. He said:

"It's a good complement to a healthy lifestyle. We want to look good, feel good and we want it to be done yesterday, right?"

Celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, and Mandy Moore have all become devotees to the freezing trend. The New York Knicks even allegedly have two cryo-saunas installed in Madison Square Garden in an effort to reduce swelling after a tough game.

Since the city's first cryotherapy spa opened in 2013, more and more centers are opening their doors to hundreds of regular clients every day.

The three-minute procedure costs $90. Clients can also receive a five-minute "cryofacial" for $45. The trend is known to be quite addicting as it gives clients more energy and helps them lose weight. Many are so hooked that they allegedly attend the centers multiple times every week.

Nevertheless, some people are still quite skeptical about the beauty fad. Can you really burn 800 calories in three minutes? Let us know if you buy that claim in the comments!

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