Man and daughter pretend to be homeless, results will shock you

Social Experiment: Homeless Drug Addict Vs. Homeless Father

When Youtube star, Coby Persin set out to conduct a social experiment, he never guessed what would happen next.

Persin posted up on the streets of New York City, with tattered clothes and a cardboard sign. He first attempted to beg for money holding a sign that said "homeless, need money for weed, drugs and alcohol." The results were surprising.

Passersby gave him money, wanting Persin to "stay high." One man is even heard saying: "Make sure you get a big bottle." He then brought in a child actor to play his daughter. The crowd seemed to walk past him and her like they didn't exist.

Shockingly, this isn't the most surprising part of the video. Watch below and prepare to be blown away by one woman's response:

According to the 2014 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, there are over 32,000 homeless in the state of New York alone:

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