Uber gets called out by disability rights advocates

In the United Spinal Association's television ad above, Dustin Jones -- a disability rights advocate -- highlights the fact that Uber has over 14,000 cars in New York City, but none of those cars are wheelchair-accessible.

Jones makes an effort to point out the strides that have been taken to make New York City more wheelchair-friendly. He mentions that the city has agreed to make half of the yellow taxis wheelchair-accessible by 2020, but he also indicated that Uber is making transportation harder for the disabled.

Uber responded to the criticism by highlighting their wheelchair-accessible UberWAV service -- which reportedly makes more than 300 pickups weekly.

In the mean time, the mayor of New York -- Bill de Blasio -- is taking a stand against Uber. See the video below for more details:

New York City Mayor, Uber Strike Deal On 4-Month Study

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