8 reasons why living in a city is terrible for you

10 Most Polluted Cities

Over half the world's population lives in a city–and it's growing. With more people comes more traffic, pollution, and noise, all of which take a toll on our health and well-being.

Here are different ways living in a city is a terrible decision.

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If you completely love city-living, don't let us discourage you! Here are some of the most attractive cities in the world:
Most Attractive Cities
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8 reasons why living in a city is terrible for you

10. Tampa, Florida

(Dennis Macdonald, Getty Images)

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

(Brigitte Merz, Getty Images)

8. Atlanta, Georgia

(Ron Sherman, Getty Images)

7. Nashville, Tennessee

(Malcolm MacGregor, Getty Images)

6. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

(Danita Delimont, Getty Images)

5. Providence, Rhode Island

(John Greim, LightRocket via Getty Images)

4. Los Angeles, California

(Izzet Keribar, Getty Images)

3. Charleston, South Carolina

(Dennis K. Johnson, Getty Images)

1. Miami, Florida

(Photo via Getty Images)


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