McDonald's launches high-end dining option that looks nothing like fast food

McDonald's Serves Up High-End Fare

A place setting with china, a wine glass, and silverware on white linen -- these are the last items you might imagine at a fast food restaurant. But this is Restaurant M, opened by McDonald's Japan in Tokyo Monday night.

Ten couples were chosen from over 8,000 online applications to sample McDonald's exclusive five course meal. Made only with ingredients from typical McDonald's menu items, the diners' food hardly resembled traditional fast food fare.

Potatoes used for McDonald's signature french fries were instead used for vichyssoise, while burger patties and toppings were plated in a sophisticated way. As for dessert, diners enjoyed a dressed up Oreo McFlurry, served in a dish with fresh berries.

The dinner was a promotion for McDonald's new Fresh Mac summer menu. McDonald's Japan is attempting to promote the freshness of their ingredients following several food contamination issues in Japan, impacting both the company's image and sales.

The pop-up restaurant proved to be a success, with rave reviews from the selection of diners. One diner expressed her surprise: "McDonald's reputation was a fast food restaurant, so I rarely came. But this was delicious, like a high-end restaurant!"

Sadly, the company says Restaurant M will be a one time experience -- and it's unclear if McDonald's will bring the high-end experience to America.

If this made you hungry, don't fear -- you can try out the McDonald's secret menu in the US:

McDonalds Secret Menu Confirmed

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