Here is all you need to know about Windows 10

Microsoft Launches Windows 10
Microsoft Launches Windows 10

Windows 10 has gotten users across the world very excited for the updates that are expected to hit their PCs with the new operating system. Someone even made a GIF featuring a Windows Ninja Cat riding a T-Rex:

Microsoft is trying to achieve the impossible by providing a seamless experience across every device, from desktop to tablet and phone.

Here are some of the features that the OS will bring to users:

Windows 10 Review
Windows 10 Review

Microsoft is definitely pumping the hype in the social media scene, by giving a lot of interesting sneak peeks into the incredible updates that we'll be able to use. Here is a gallery with 10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10:

Windows has gone a very long way from its origins, with some operating systems that have revolutionized the way we use our technology, and some less successful experiments (see Windows Vista). The tech giant continues to surprise aiming to bring innovative ways to interact with our machines.

The company recently revealed the look of its new desktop wallpaper with a futuristic video that showcases laser lights, smoke and colored filters to bring the iconic logo to life:

And here is the behind the scenes showing how they did all that:

Some users, on the other hand, seem to remain skeptical of the upgrade, especially after they weren't satisfied by some of the previous operative systems:

Microsoft will gradually roll out Windows 10, which you can download by clicking on the "Get Windows 10" icon on your task bar and signing up for the update. The download will be free, unless you are still running on a very old version of Windows (Vista, XP or somehow prior). In this case the cost will be $119 for Windows 10 Home and $199 for Windows 10 Pro.

Now that the upgrade is unleashed people are reacting to the new OS experience.

Some suggest to wait no longer to update your computer:

Others are a bit skeptic about prioritizing ease of use over security:

But generally users seem to be divided between enjoying the new environment and getting used to it:

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