5 ways not sleeping takes a toll on your complexion

5 Ways Not Sleeping Takes a Toll on Your Complexion

We've all been there ... 2 hours sleep, no time to rest! Whatever your reasons are for not sleeping, you should know sleep deprivation takes a toll on your face.

Skin experts say your complexion shows what's going on in your body. Dermatology professors at Wake Forest University School of Medicine say when you don't sleep enough, your body will produce extra cortisol, the stress hormone, which can break down the skin's collagen. The Mayo Clinic says lack of collagen can cause dark circles.

Experts say cortisol can also cause your body to create more sebum, leading to more acne. Lack of sleep also prevents the body from producing more of the human growth hormone, which helps thicken skin - without it, your skin can start to look droopy.

A study done at the Skin Study Center at University Hospitals Case Medical Center found sleep deprivation causes an increase in the signs of aging, leading to more wrinkles and uneven skin tones.

Researchers also found a lack in sleep causes a decrease in the skin's ability to recover from a sunburn. Ouch! So, even if you're eating well and going above and beyond cleansing the skin, sleeping is a BIG piece of the puzzle when it comes to skincare. Be sure to get those ZZZ's! Now we know why we call it beauty sleep.
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