You'll never guess what horrifying thing this woman found in Huggies baby wipes

Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Baby Wipes
Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Baby Wipes

Leanne Phelps, 31, was reportedly removing her make-up with Huggies baby wipes on Saturday when she supposedly found a horrifying deceased mouse curled up inside the packet.

As soon as Phelps saw the dead rodent, she reportedly flung the packet to the ground and watching in horror as her 14-month-old son attempted to pick it up and put it in his mouth. The mother of two told The Mirror:

"I was taking my makeup off before bed and I was wiping my eyes. I went to pull another wipe out of the packet and saw a dark patch and then I realised what it was. I screamed and threw the packet on the floor. Someone suggested that my cat could have put it in there but how would a cat manage to open a packet and put it under at least ten wipes? I always take care to make sure I have resealed the packets because they are not the cheapest things to buy. There are no holes in the packaging - there is no other possible explanation other than it must have got in in the factory."

Phelps also told The Mirror how close her son, Carter, came to interacting with the dead mouse after she threw it on the floor. She said:

"If he had found that mouse before I picked it up I dread to think what he would have done with it. He either would have started playing with it or it would have gone in his mouth."

Phelps claims that she was terrified after realizing that she was applying wipes to her face that had come into contact with the deceased rodent. She said:

"As soon as I realized that I had been wiping my eyes with the wipe that was directly above the mouse I quickly washed my face. I rang 101 straight away and the doctor I spoke to said that if I had wiped around mine or my son's mouth we could have ended up with diseases."

Phelps reportedly tried to call Huggies but could not get through to the manufacturer because it was a weekend. Phelps reportedly bought the packet from her local convenience store but insists that it did not have any holes in it when she purchased it. A spokesman for Kimberly-Clark, who manufactures Huggies wet wipes, confirmed they have since been in contact with Phelps. They said:

"We have been in touch with the consumer, but we haven't received the product back for testing as yet. We take complaints of this nature really seriously, for obvious reasons."

Watch this video to learn about another danger you could find in your child's baby wipes:

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