Watch this wedding guest drop a child to catch the bouquet

Weddings are a glorious occasion to celebrate love, families, unity, and trust. Unfortunately, this woman didn't get the memo. Rather than using this wedding to think about the important things in life, namely the precious child in her arms, she got a bit too caught up in the fun and games of it all and let her competitive side get the best of her.

Overwhelmed by the old tradition of being the "next to marry" if you catch the bouquet at a wedding, this woman (or girl...her age is unclear) showed just how ready she is for a special someone to put a ring on it, despite looking extremely young. In her determination to catch the bouquet as it spiraled overhead, she dropped the child from her arms straight to the floor.

Given how young she appears, the wedding guest was likely babysitting someone else's daughter when the incident took place. As the woman's arms unwind from the little girl's waist, the video captures the toddler tumble to the ground and land smack on her bottom.

The worst part of the whole ordeal? The woman didn't even catch the bouquet! It wasn't even worth dropping the child in the midst of the woman's excitement and eagerness.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the tossing of the bouquet. In fact, witnesses appeared amused and humored by the entire ordeal. That little girl is apparently much less delicate than the bouquet. Talk about a tough cookie.

The young woman should follow these instructions the next time she attempts to catch a bouquet:

How to Catch the Bouquet

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