This mirror detects your face for signs of disease

Mirrors help us get a glimpse of our physical appearance, but the newly developed 'Wize Mirror' goes much deeper than that.

The Wize Mirror incorporates 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to survey and determine the health of the person looking into the mirror. More specifically, the technology examines the person's face and precisely looks for fatty tissue and facial expressions as well as how pale or flushed the person is.

Each aspect of the mirror has its own amazing role in detecting disease. The facial recognition software and technology can look for and detect telltale signs of stress or anxiety. Meanwhile, the gas sensors take breath samples from the person looking in the mirror, specifically looking for compounds that indicate how much alcohol that person drinks or how much that person smokes.

The 3D scanners analyze the shape of the person's face, specifically looking for weight gain and weight loss. Lastly, the multispectral cameras aim to estimate the person's heart rate.

After analyzing the person -- which only takes about one minute -- the mirror gives the person a score that indicates the user's health. Additionally, it gives that person customized advice on how to improve their health.

The mirror isn't for sale yet: It's currently being developed by a group of researchers and industry partners from seven different European countries.

This isn't the only amazing mirror technology out there. See the video below to learn about a mirror that takes selfies for you:

Automated Mirror Takes And Posts Selfies for You

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