Pooping cyclist blamed for starting 73-acre forest fire

Pooping Cyclist Blamed for Starting 73-Acre Forest Fire

A cyclist's number two caused a 73-acre forest fire -- and you thought that bathroom trip you had after last summer's chili cook-off caused a natural disaster.

Bureau of Land Management officials in Boise say a man was cycling in the Boise foothills when he — needed a rest stop.

And it's not like there's air-conditioned, marble-floored restroom facilities every three miles on these cycling trails, so the cyclist did what anyone would have done: Found a shrub to squat behind and do his business.

Then because the guy didn't want to litter, he thought he was doing the right thing by burning his toilet paper.

But while trying to stay green, because the landscape was dry and brown, when he lit a match, he ended up scorching the earth black.

Officials say an ember sparked a forest fire that raged for more than six hours, spreading to 73 acres before Bureau of Land Management and Boise Fire crews were able to contain the fire.

The cyclist apparently owned up to his bowel-movement-blaze and fire investigators say the man's story matched evidence at the scene.

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Pooping cyclist blamed for starting 73-acre forest fire
MT. HAMILTON, CA - JUNE 03: A Cal Fire firefighter practices extinguishing a grass fire during a live fire training on June 3, 2015 in Mt. Hamilton, California. Cal Fire firefighters are training ahead of what is expected to be an explosive wildfire season as California pushes through its fourth year of severe drought. The state has had over 1,000 wildfires since the beginning of the year. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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