10 tips to help your house feel more inviting

By: All Things Thrifty

#HELLO! You and me, we are friends. I can feel the friend vibe already. Have you moved lately? Thank heavens I haven't because moving can be the pits. But when you move into your new space, making it feel homey and inviting is the fun part! The space that greets your new neighbors is your front door and courtyard. So I suggest adding a little love to that area soon after move in.

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First things, first: If you try this project, make sure the "O" is securely fastened to the wall! You don't want people showing up to your house and thinking they are entering #HELL. {I may be speaking from experience here.}

Now that we know the risks, let's get right to it. Today I'm sharing 10 great options to create an inviting front door and courtyard.

#1: Paint your ugly front door. If you don't know how, check out my tutorial here. I LOVE a colorful front door. I change mine often. Pick your favorite color. There are no rules, if you want a pink door, do it. If it will brighten your mood, it's worth it. If you are renting, I've got your back, please refer to option #2.

#2: Find a fun wreath that fits your style and that makes you happy when you are unloading 17 loads of groceries inside.

#3: In the weather permitting months, fill your space with colorful flowers and pots. You might notice that I love bright colors. But, you can personalize the space to your liking and style simply by finding pots that match your vibe.

Photo Credit: All Things Thrifty

#4: Add some spunk that welcomes guests. I love porches that make me smile. In fact they make me want to bring that person cookies. The #HELLO letters are the spunk in my space!! 😉

Photo Credit: All Things Thrifty

#5: Place a rug at your doorstep. A rug definitely reminds people to wipe their feet, but more importantly it adds a little spice or color easy and inexpensively. I chose a classic black rug since my door already provides that colorful splash.

#6: Clean it up! Keep your front door, windows and porch nice and clean. For the stubborn smudges on your front door, you might need to wipe out the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Don't forget to sweep out all the dust and debris too.

#7: If you have room, accessorize the space with a fun bench. I bought the typical black wrought iron bench and painted it white. Then I sanded it a little to create a weathered look. It's the perfect spot to read a book.

#8: Add your personal touch. I found an old window and added some vinyl that welcomes guests and reassures them that they are in the right place. This could be as simple as painting your house number on the side of a pot.

Photo Credit: All Things Thrifty

Don't you want to come in and chat, now too?

#9: Light the path. Make sure that your lighting is bright enough that visitors can easily find your door at night. The street lights in my neighborhood are super dim, so keeping light bulbs in the fixtures is absolutely vital!

#10: Create a sweet aroma by planting fragrant flowers and vines nearby. I love the smell of fresh honeysuckle. Or in the wintertime, place a candle right inside your door so that when the door opens, a yummy/happy scent greets your guests.

We recently bought a bunch of plants for our front yard, and I found out that a few of the grassy bushes smelled like GARLIC. Although I am the first to admit that I love a slice of garlic bread every so often, I do not want the smell of garlic to be the first thing someone smells when they are walking up to my door! {At least it keeps the vampires at bay! } I had to move those plants to another part of the yard. True story.

How do you make your home feel welcome and homey? Any tips for this girl who lives in #hell?



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