Top 5 lipstick shades you need for the summer

By: House of Harper

Photo Credit: Kate Robinson via House of Harper

I have experimented with some fun new lipstick shades over the past year and I finally found my go-to shades for what I consider to be the colors everyone needs for summer! As I am sure you have noticed around here, my natural instinct is to go neutral, but I eventually warmed up to the idea of adding some color into my life and after much trial and error, I thought I should share my experience with you.

I am going to start with the lightest shade, an everyday natural peachy / pink nude and work my way over to a bold red.

Summer lipstick shades
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Top 5 lipstick shades you need for the summer

This is YSL Rouge Pur Couture #24 Blond Ingenu. This is a peachy / pink nude color that is great for an everyday fresh face or paired with a bold smokey eye. I wear it by itself (as seen here), but it is also a great color to layer over your favorite lip liner if you are looking for a little more color / dimension.

Photo Credit: Kate Robinson via House of Harper

This is Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage. This is a fun hot pink shade that isn’t too purple or red. It’s a popular shade for summer and there is a good reason why. The matte finish has a long wear (about 5 hours) and the saturated color makes a fun statement. I like pairing statement shades like this one (and the next two) with a more natural face so I don’t feel like I am wearing ‘too much’ make-up. My only complaint is that matte colors with long-lasting wear, like this one, tend to dry out your lips so be sure to keep a chapstick handy!

Photo Credit: Kate Robinson via House of Harper

Nars Lana is the newest shade for me to personally use on the list. It took me longer to find the right ‘orangey red’, but now that I did, I LOVE it! This color first gained popularity when it was seen all over the spring 2014 runways, but when I see a good orange-red it always makes me think of the J.Crew models and how they effortless wear messy hair, a fresh face and this shade of lipstick.

Photo Credit: Kate Robinson via House of Harper

Lastly, every girls needs a classic red in her collection. This is Dolce and Gabbana Matte Red lipstick in ‘Flirt’. I stumbled upon this shade when Dolce and Gabbana sent over their new matte lipstick line for me to try. They just happened to have my perfect red and I have worn it ever since! I have a lot of the same comments on this lipstick as I did the Nars matte lipstick – it last up to 5 hours and gives a pure saturated color with a few simple swipes, but it will dry out your lips (like most matte finishes).

Photo Credit: Kate Robinson via House of Harper


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