Biker gang finds dead biker's missing wedding ring on side of road

Bikers Find Wedding Ring of Dead Friend

While biker gangs are generally stereotyped as being rough around the edges, these bikers defied that generalization.

Rhonda Thill -- a resident of St. Paul, Minnesota -- lost her husband of 18 years in a motorcycle crash last month.

After Randy Thill died and Rhonda gathered his personal belongings that he had with him that night, she realized that his wedding ring was missing. Rhonda knew he was wearing his ring on the night of the crash on Highway 61, and she was determined to find it.

"I figured it had to be somewhere. Maybe the force of the impact -- it came off or whatever," she said. "I just didn't want it to be left out there."

Rhonda spread the word to her close friend who is an avid biker, and her friend told another friend. Eventually, a dozen other bikers were aware of the fact that Randy's wedding ring was missing.

The bikers quickly congregated and headed to the scene of the crash -- getting on their hands and knees to look for the missing ring.

Woman finds husband's wedding ring after he's killed in crash - Randy Thill, Rhonda Thill
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Biker gang finds dead biker's missing wedding ring on side of road

After a quick 45 minutes, a miracle happened: One of the men found the gold ring wedged in the dirt. The men showed up at Rhonda's door holding the ring, and she was shocked but filled with love.

Rhonda says she feels like getting the ring back brings a piece of the couple back together.

See the video below for another touching story about a missing wedding ring:

Man Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring 8 Years Later

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