Autistic man creates app for personalized assistance

Push for Autistic Training at Buffalo Hospital

Currently in the U.S., 1 in 68 children are born with autism. With the prevalence of autism being so common now, one would think that more technological based outlets would be available.

As is highlighted in video above, autism understanding is a key outlet many believe is missing in our healthcare system. No one truly knows how an autistic person feels quite like another autistic person, especially when having a panic attack.

This is where Jeroen De Busser comes in. As someone with autism, he knows just how difficult it can be to properly communicate with others. So De Busser, a computer science student at the University of Antwerp, created a smartphone application to people who suffer anxiety attacks and are unable to verbally communicate.

The app allows you to personalize messages, so instructions for others during these episodes are just a touch away. Right now, the app is only available on Android devices, but according to Emergency Chat's Facebook page, the IOS version is just around the corner and should be available within weeks.

Do you have an autistic child or loved one? Autism advocate, Areva Martin, speaks up about the best practices for your child:
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