Artists creatively combat 'anti-homeless spikes'

Controversial 'Anti-Homeless' Metal Spikes in London

When "anti-homeless spikes" started popping up around London, citizens had very mixed reactions.

While some saw it as a necessary evil to prevent the homeless from sleeping on the streets, others saw it as inhumane and cruel.

These round metal spikes began stirring up controversy in June 2014, causing much commentary on how the city deals with the problem of homelessness.

Well, one activist group took matters into their own hands, to soften the spikes and make the space a little more comfortable. "Spaces, Not Spikes" is the artistic activist group responsible for bringing comfort to the metal spikes in the East London Curtain Rod District location.

They installed a mattress, pillows, and bookshelf over the metal spikes, so the homeless could once again sleep comfortably.

The group even got a celebrity shoutout from fellow Brit, Ellie Goulding, on Instagram:

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