5 Korean beauty products you should know about

5 Korean Beauty Products You Should Know About

Korean products seem to be all the rage in the beauty world, so here are a few items you should know about. Exfoliation is vital to maintaining a radiant complexion. Klairs gentle facial scrub is one of the best exfoliating scrubs on the market, and it works well for all skin types. Beauty experts recommend pairing it with it's sister product, the gentle cleansing oil.

Now this may sound gross, but these placenta firming hydro gel patches can help diminish circles under the eye, and reduce wrinkles. Rich in proteins and amino acids from the placenta of pregnant mammals, the patches are advertised to enhance skin cell repair and hydrate skin.

Another odd but helpful skincare product is Pig Collagen Jelly Cream...yep, you heard right! This is known as a Korean best seller and you can get it off Amazon. Lastly, if you have blotchy skin or suffer from rosacea, search for Ciracle Anti Redness Cream. This helps reduce inflamed, red, or discolored skin.

These may sound strange, but try something new. Korean beauty products are trending, and there's a good reason why! Click on the links above to purchase these products on Amazon.

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