This company is making a $9 fully functional computer

Top 5 Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi, the $35 micro computer that has revolutionized the DIY tech world by offering a cheap way to make incredible hacks, is considered quite affordable by many, but a new rival is coming up at one-fourth of the cost.

It fits in your pocket, it lets you make anything from creating robots to automating a smart home and it's only $9.

Meet CHIP:

This little board connects to WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, VGA and HDMI screens and it can function as a regular computer by letting you do work, surf the internet, play video games and music, use apps or you can program it to do virtually anything your imagination wants to create thanks to it's 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM memory and 4GB of storage.

Next Think Co. managed to raise over $2 million to kickstart the project and it is currently in production. You can pre-order yours on their website.

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