Lawsuit: Almond milk doesn't contain enough almonds

Lawsuit: Almond Milk Doesn't Contain Enough Almonds

Your almond milk may not be all that it's cracked up to be.

A new false advertising lawsuit against Almond Breeze maker Blue Diamond alleges that almonds only account for 2% of what's in the carton. The website Food Navigator says the rest is mostly water and sugar.

The suit, which is seeking $5 million in damages, says this is highly misleading to consumers as the packaging reinforces the notion that Almond Breeze consists of mostly almonds by featuring multiple pictures of the nuts as well as the phrase "Made from real almonds."

The plaintiffs argue that, quote, "upon an extensive review of the recipes for almond milk on the internet, the vast majority of the recipes call for one part almond and three or four parts water, amounting to 25-33% of almonds." — Not two percent.

However, Blue Diamond may not be the only one skimping on the almonds.

British brand Alpro also lists that almonds account for 2% of its ingredients.

This issue actually came up in the U.K. a few years ago but the Advertising Standards Authority defended the milk, saying customers likely understood "that the production of almond milk would necessarily involve combining almonds with a suitable proportion of liquid to produce a 'milky' consistency."

You may be better off going the hipster route and making your own almond milk from scratch. Not only can you include all the almonds your healthy heart desires but you can also avoid any additives.

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