Two girls wrote this viral note exposing a man's cheating wife at a Braves game

Girls Claim To Bust Cheating Wife Sitting In Front Of Them At Baseball Game

Two girls claim to have outed a woman who was allegedly texting another man suggestive messages while sitting next to her husband at an Atlanta Braves game.

The girls' story has gone viral as they shared pictures on Twitter of the woman's texts and their method of notifying the husband. The ordeal began with a tweet posted on July 22 that has been re-tweeted over 16,000 times (Note: Explicit language in tweet):

In the tweet, "Brynn" claimed that she and her friend exposed a married woman sitting in front of them at the game for being disloyal to her husband.

It seems the woman was allegedly texting her lover during the game. Rather than keeping the name she refers to in one text -- "Mark Allen" -- in her contacts, the contact reads "Nancy," presumably as not to make the woman's husband suspicious. The two girls sitting behind the couple claim that the woman was exchanging texts with "Nancy" that mentioned the lovers being "naked" together.

The two witnesses reportedly decided to write a note to the unknowing husband and slipped it to him before leaving the game. The note they gave him reads:

"Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It's really a man named Mark Allen. There are pictures on my phone. She has deleted the messages. [Followed by the message writer's number.] Sorry, just thought you should know!"

People might want to think twice about cheating on their spouses during a Braves game (or ever) from now on. You never know what Twitter fiends are lurking over your shoulder and documenting your incriminating texts. This lady and "Nancy" aren't fooling anyone!

Would you tell someone if you knew their spouse was cheating? See what people said in this video:

Would You Tell a Friend About a Cheating Spouse

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