Top 5 On the Go: Friday July 24

Whether you're on your way home from work or just relaxing on the couch, here are the top stories you need to know about right now.

1. Louisiana shooting victims' stories
Details began to emerge Friday on the victims of last night's deadly movie theater shooting in Louisiana -- 33-year-old Jillian Johnson was remembered as a "creative force" who ran clothing and art boutiques, and played in a rootsy rock band.

2. Controversy over Israeli spy release rumors
U.S. officials on Friday denied a report that the Obama administration was planning to release a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, who was convicted of spying for Israel.

3. Details from Sandra Bland autopsy
An autopsy report released on Friday revealed that Sandra Bland, the woman who was found dead in a Texas jail cell three days after a traffic stop, used a clear plastic bag tied into a slipknot to hang herself.

4. New images reveal unusual facts about Pluto
Scientists unveiled new photos of Pluto on Friday that revealed the dwarf planet is hazier than expected and appears to be covered with flowing ice.

5. US, Turkey partnering against ISIS
American military sources said Friday that the U.S. and Turkey have worked out a deal that allows the U.S. to stage bombing missions against ISIS from inside the Turkish border.
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