This outlet adapter lets you power any gadget on solar energy

More Homeowners Turning to Solar

Solar power seems to be the new frontier of renewable energy, and this little gadget could speed up the transition.

Sunport is a smart outlet adapter that will let you run your appliances on solar energy without the need for solar panels.

According to the company's website:

How is that possible?

First you need to understand how the grid works.
Electricity is constantly pumped into the grid, and even if you have solar panels on your roof you don't actually use the electricity they generate directly. That energy is recirculated into the grid and added to the rest. Here is a very good video that breaks it all down:

What Sunport does is calculate the amount of power you take from the grid and upgrade you to solar instead of coal or natural gas.

According to Fast Company, "the plug calculates how much energy you're using, it automatically purchases solar microcredits through a nonprofit called reChoice, which both handles renewable energy credits and helps build new solar panels."

It basically supports solar production somewhere else, helping to speed up the transition to a renewable energy grid that will benefit the users on the long run.

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