This incredible tree produces 40 different kinds of fruit

Sam Van Aken -- an award-winning contemporary artist and art professor at Syracuse University -- found an amazing way to combine his background of growing up on a farm with his love for art.

While Van Aken was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania, but he focused on art during his college years and the early part of his career: The artist says his work has always been "inspired by nature and our relationship to nature."

This connection and passion was evident in 2008 when he grafted vegetables together in an effort to create strange plants for his Eden exhibition.

Shortly after, he began working on Tree of 40 Fruit -- a series of hybridized fruit trees. Each tree grows over 40 different types of fruit including plums, peaches, apricots and cherries (to name a few).

Not only are these trees incredible in what they produce, but they're magical colors are breathtaking, too.

When Epicurious asked Van Aken about his future plans for the Tree of 40 Fruit project, he said that he wold eventually like to create a grove or small orchard of these trees in an urban setting.

We're not the only ones who love trees. See the video below for a story about Australians who are writing love letters to trees:

Australians E-Mail Love Letters To Trees

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