Starbucks banned a man for life for protecting a shop's handicapped spot

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So, what's it take to get banned for life from Starbucks? Lugging in your entire PC? Openly carrying an AK-47? A man in Florida says one surefire way is to tell able-bodied people to keep out of the handicapped spot.

Rob Rowen had become the self-appointed Parking Lot Police for his Tampa-area store, where he apparently stood guard and "threatened to embarrass" lazy customers who illegally occupied the lot's best spot. But he says the store manager wasn't a huge fan and kicked him out. Rowen then got a letter from corporate — a notice of trespass that read, "I regret to inform you you've been expelled from Starbucks."

Rowen, whose son-in-law is wheelchair-bound, tells the local news that he's had some victories, like the day he got a woman ticketed even though she called the cops on him. Starbucks had a slightly different view of his vigilantism, though — more along the lines of "threatening the well-being of a customer."


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