Scientists are training cockroaches to save earthquake survivors

Cyborg Cockroaches to the Rescue

Cockroaches might have just become useful.

Scientists at North Carolina State University are creating a team of cyborg cockroaches that will help map out disaster areas and locate the survivors.

The insects are equipped with electrodes that send stimuli to their antennas, tricking them into thinking they are facing an obstacle and therefore making them change direction. This technology lets someone control them remotely and direct them to whatever target they might chose.

The cockroaches also have miniature microphones mounted on their backs, which will allow the rescuers to pick up sounds and identify the status of survivors, as well as infra red sensors that can locate warm bodies.

This is not the first time a cockroach has been turned into a cyborg, and of course, there is an app for that.

The app lets you make your own "roboroach" that you can control from your phone:

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