NY ice cream parlor is serving up mesmerizing Thai-inspired rolls

10Below Ice Cream
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NY ice cream parlor is serving up mesmerizing Thai-inspired rolls
Happy Hump[back whale] day! Meet Strawberry Shawty: strawberries and graham cracker with a condensed milk drizzle. Don't forget, our grand opening is this Friday with BOGO all day long! #whaleygood #10belowicecream
Ice cream goals. 🍦👌🏼#10belowicecream #whaleygood
We're excited to announce and WHALEcome you to our Grand Opening next Friday, July 17! We'll be rolling fresh made ice cream all day, and to celebrate, ice cream is buy one get one free. See y'all there! 11a-11p @ 10 Mott Street #10below #whaleygood // PC: @instarvien
When after hours testing turns into the real deal. Introducing Honey Boo Boo (chiiiiiiild): fresh blueberries and raspberries with honey drizzle #newflavor #whaleygood #10belowicecream #nyceats #nycchinatown #dollamakemeholla
Hooray, you survived Monday! As a reward, check out our new video. Fun fact: co-owner Richard loves (like, LOVES) Oreos. We're pretty sure he put Cookies and Cream on the menu as an excuse to eat Oreos all day long. #10belowicecream #whaleygood // Don't forget our grand opening is this Friday with BOGO ice cream rolls all day long!

Move over, Cold Stone, because 10Below Ice Cream is changing how we experience custom desserts.

Not only will they chop and fold in your selected ingredients, but the ice cream itself is made from scratch right before your eyes.

The magic comes from a thermal electric cold plate cooled to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. The crème anglaise and toppings are poured onto the pan then worked with metal trowels. The mixture is spread thin like a crepe to rapidly freeze, then scraped into rolled ribbons for its signature look.

Rolled ice cream is a common street food in Thailand, and despite videos of the process going viral on YouTube, the dessert hasn't spread in the United States yet.

Thai Vendor Creates Instant Ice Cream Rolls

Richard Tam and David Chen came up with the idea to open 10Below while studying at CUNY Baruch College. Richard's brother Wilson, a pharmacist by trade, agreed to join them and the group tested recipes in the Tam's grandmother's Chinatown kitchen. After Richard and David graduated in May 2015, the team moved at full throttle to opening New York's first ice cream roll shop. The native New Yorkers were able to bring the concept to life within two months by sourcing construction and materials from local businesses.

A unique business deserves a unique logo, and 10Below Ice Cream does not disappointed with a whimsical humpback-narwhal hybrid designed by artist Gladys Ko.

The new addition to the NYC ice cream scene has already been welcomed with open arms. A line two hours deep formed outside of the Chinatown shop on opening day. The Instagram-worthy treat has already racking up a following, so don't expect things to cool off anytime soon.

10Below Ice Cream can be found at 10 Mott Street in New York City. Store hours are Sunday – Thursday: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.
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