Moscow hosts free movie nights for the homeless

(The tweet above directly translates to: "From 19 July in Moscow earns summer cinema for the homeless. About once a month, they will show Soviet cinema".)

Spending a night at the movies is a luxury we often take for granted, but Friends on the Streets -- a charity in Moscow -- is making that luxury a reality for the city's homeless.

The organization has set up a program that screens movies for the city's homeless. Friends on the Streets aims to simultaneously provide relaxation and entertainment for homeless people and raise awareness.

BBC reported that films will be free of charge and shown twice a month and the audience votes on which movie will play. Tea and snacks will also be provided for attendees at each screening.

Andrei Besshtanko, deputy head of City Hall's department of social security told the Moscow Times:

See the video below for a glimpse at an interesting social experiment that involved homelessness:

Social Experiment: Homeless Drug Addict Vs. Homeless Father

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