Marching band gives woman a glorious final exit from chemo treatment

Woman Gets Marching Band For Her Last Chemo Session

When Ann Trachtenberg started chemotherapy for breast cancer, she already knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her final session. Trachtenberg joked with her family that she wanted a marching band to play her out of her final session as a hilarious and triumphant way to mark the huge accomplishment.

Little did she know that her amazing niece, Stephanie Richter, decided to turn Trachtenberg's joke into a reality. Richter reached out to the University of Wisconsin Marching Band and together they planned an incredible surprise for the loving and deserving woman.

On Monday, July 20, the plan was put to action. Trachtenberg finished the last of six cycles of chemotherapy. When her daughter Lindsay walked her out of the hospital, the two walked straight into their very own "High School Musical" scene (video above). The University of Wisconsin Marching Band played a bold, celebratory melody in celebration of Trachtenberg as witnesses cheered for the strong, courageous woman.

Trachtenberg was visibly shocked and delighted by the surprise. Kelly Jones, the RN who has been taking care of Ann since she started chemo, told Buzzfeed:

"It's just fantastic that they were able to come and to spend time with us. It was great for the other patients, too, because everyone who came to the clinic saw it and they were cheering for her, too."

Talk about going out with a bang. You deserve it, Ann Trachtenberg!

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