Hawaii woman opens her house to the homeless — quite literally

Homeless Rate Rises, Says Annual Report
When you think of Hawaii, you probably think of the ocean, sand, palm trees, a relaxing getaway...but for Hawaii's homeless population, life is no day at the beach.

Oahu resident, Carolina Jesus wanted to do something about this, so she opened up her home to the homeless — quite literally.

In 2003, Jesus began inviting complete strangers living on the streets of Oahu to her home. 12 years later, she has turned that generosity into the Shelter of Wisdom.

It all started with Jesus's sheer compassion:

The Shelter of Wisdom now houses 63 previously homeless men in six different locations. When asked why she does this, Jesus credits her faith.

In order to maintain these shelters and keep them going, the men are expected to pay between $280 to $375 per month (if they can afford to), and are required to clean up after themselves.

While Jesus doesn't think of herself as a hero, the people who she's helped sure do.

In the words of resident, Igor Paniflov: "She's the only one. There's no more Carolinas."

While Carolina Jesus is changing the lives of many, there are still over 4,900 homeless on the island of Oahu alone:
Hawaii homeless
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Hawaii woman opens her house to the homeless — quite literally

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