A 'dinosaur' was found in this woman's ultrasound

Ultrasound Baby Claps Along With Mother's Song

An ultrasound of this baby is taking social media by storm and she isn't even a celebrity child. Why do people care so much about the ultrasound? It seems the baby isn't alone in her mom's belly.

Little baby Ruthie-Lou seems to have made a friend while waiting to be born. The ultrasound scan appears to show...wait for it...a dinosaur (gasp!) growing inside mom Leanne Sullivan's stomach.

The image is turning heads all over the Internet as it shows a figure that looks alarmingly like a Brontosaurus, which existed in the late Jurassic period, hovering over baby Ruthin-Lou. The 29-year-old mom told Metro:

"I really didn't see at all until Jenny (her friend) mentioned it – she pointed it out straight away. But once you have a proper look at it you can really see that it actually does look like a dinosaur."

So maybe it isn't actually a dinosaur. It's more likely the light hitting the image in a strange way and playing a trick on us. However, it was fun to believe in the impossible for a minute, right?

We'll find out for sure in five weeks when Sullivan is due to deliver her first baby daughter...and perhaps dinosaur. Aw, twins!

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