Woman gets $25,000 for growing vampire fangs

Man Goes to Extremes for Love of Vampires

Charlotte Bateman, 49, suffered from a gum disease that left her with jagged, fang-like teeth.

The wedding cake baker and mother of two from Colington, Herefordshire reportedly complained to her dentist that her teeth were moving around in her mouth. After the dentists failed to diagnose Bateman with severe periodonatal disease, her gums were left to rot as she suffered in agony.

Despite visiting the same dentist regularly since 1988, the disease was reportedly only diagnosed after a consultation X-ray in 2011 that showed her teeth were exhibiting bone loss. By then Bateman's two teeth had already taken on fang-like characteristics. She told PA Real Life:

"Debris got pushed up and lodged in my gum, gums are not meant to be soft. I knew something was very wrong."

After that appointment, Bateman's teeth became extremely fang-like. She told PA Real Life:

"I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to be seen in public after that. I retreated into myself and avoided social situations."

After a year-long legal battle, The Dental Law Partnership helped her win her case. Bateman was awarded $25,000 in damages. She intends to use the money for corrective surgery to fix her teeth.

Watch this video to learn more about living with severe periodontal disease:

Lori's Story: Living with Severe Periodontal Disease

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