Poll: Which member of One Direction is the hottest?

Liam Payne's Full Frontal Instagram Breaks The Internet
The world has officially been blessed with #5YearsOfOneDirection.

The nostalgic hashtag was trending on Twitter all night and into this morning in celebration of 5 years of one of the most wildly successful boy bands the world has ever seen. Of course, One Direction fans have been celebrating all things 1D (as they do) with other various hashtags as well, including #ThankYou1DFor, in which they shared the ways they're thankful for the boys. The fangirling ensued.

This came after the boys were included in U.K. gay lifestyle magazine, Attitude's, ranking of the 100 hottest, most eligible men. Liam Payne ranked #3 (the top-ranked musician included in the list), while Harry Styles ranked #83, Louis Tomlinson #85, and Niall Horan #87. Interestingly, Zayn Malik was absent from the list ... (#JusticeForZayn)!

Of course, Attitude's list had fans in an uproar over which boy band member is actually the hottest ... as if it's even possible to pick one.

The real question is: Which member of One Direction do you think is the hottest?

Cast your vote below.

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